Image File Formats and what they are used for

Used for high-quality banners, infographics and partially transparent visuals like logos.

Perfect for sharing images due to its smaller size and reduced quality.

Suitable for use on offers a better quality-size ratio then JPEGs and PNGs.

Used to share or present animated image online.

Used for storing illustrations generated with vector graphic editors.

Used in logos and illustrations as SVGs can be freely scaled to any dimension, with no impact on image quality.

PSDs are files that are created and saved in Adobe Photoshop. This type of file contains "layers" that make modifying the image much easier to handle.

AI is the image format most preferred by designers and the most reliable type of file format for using images in all types of projects from web to print, etc.

A large raster file that doesn't lose quality. It uses "lossless compression," meaning the original image data is maintained regardless of how often you might copy, re-save, or compress the original file. Commonly used when saving photographs for print.